Failing Graphic Design 101

Early in my career I showed a website I built using our company’s software to our CEO. He said, “This would fail graphic design 101” and launched into telling me everything I had done wrong. It was a reaction that shocked me but it shouldn’t have. Paul was a man of definite opinions and he […]

The Creative Office

My manager at was a former musician and saw things in musical terms. When he described our office culture he would always say the same thing – “We’re like a jazz band.” It was a description that fit and I loved it. Like any good band we were a small team and we trusted […]

The Courage To Trust

Back when I worked at Paul Graham’s first internet start-up Viaweb I got busted goofing off online. I forget what I was looking at exactly but it wasn’t related to my work. Paul was the CEO and he entered the office unexpectedly. I thought “Oh God” and very quickly switched windows on my computer to […]