Forward Thinking Digital Marketing

Before the internet, there were a limited number of information channels. Shows and movies had limited runs, archives were tough to access, and good information was scarce. People sought information and advertisers could block their path with interruptive messages. Billboards, mass mailings, television ad slots and other forms of advertising sought to interrupt consumers and their daily lives with their message.

Everything changed when the internet arrived – information, once in short supply, became ubiquitious, now accessible from the palm of your hand from just about anywhere on Earth.

New services like DVRs and Netflix allowed consumers to watch shows according to their schedule, not television and movie executives’. In the past twenty years the world has been transformed so information is available everywhere at all times.

Traditional marketing didn’t fit this new model and had to adapt. This ushered in the era of:

1. Content Creation

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Thought Leadership

4. Measurement and Refinement

This is sometimes called “inbound marketing” and it forms the core of what we do at Ridgeline.

Content Creation

Consumers want information and will note the companies that provide it. In this new marketing world, it’s no longer necessary to get in people’s way to get your message out. Marketing is less about getting the word out and more about putting the message out there and letting consumers find it – following the maxim from Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.”

Given the amount of information available and the ease which customers can find and switch to a competitor, it’s important to be the best and provide the highest quality media material. In this new environment, second rate doesn’t cut it. Consumers won’t tolerate it.

Ridgeline creates quality content for your customers and prospects. Whether it is in the form of blog entries, articles, email newsletters, web page copy, webinars, or videos – Ridgeline will position your organization as a leader in its field.

Search Engine Optimization

When I worked for iProspect, one of the first search engine optimization firms, when people asked me what I did I said, “I help companies become the #1 search engine result in Google.”

In the ten years since then, the goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has not changed but the tactics have. Gone are the days of trying to game the system using shifty tactics like keyword stuffing, link farming, and buying a hundred domain names.

Google’s increasingly sophisticated algorithm and personalized results have brought it closer to its goal of giving users what they want – relevent, high quality content. Work with Google on this – gamesmanship is out, creating quality content that deserves an audience is the mission.

Ridgeline can help determine who your audience is, what they are seeking, and what content they want. Once the content is created, search engine performance can be tracked and improvements made.

Thought Leadership

In a world where competitors are a click away, it’s of vital importance to establish your company, your name, your brand, as the thought leader in the field.

Ridgeline works behind the scenes to make you the leader in your field. We give you the material, do the research, and coach you on the best way to find and retain your audience.

Measure and Refine

This movement to a digital world brought about unprecedented media measurement. Nielsen rankings, the gold standard by which television viewership was measured, was, at best, a guess of how many people watched a TV show and an advertisement. The common refrain during this time was “I know half of my marketing budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”

No longer. At Yahoo we knew how many people saw an advertisement, how many clicked on it, and how many of those clicks resulted in a sale. Every step along the funnel was tracked and advertisers could see which half of their marketing budget was being wasted.

It’s a double-edged sword. Marketers now demand no wasted dollars and maximum efficiency of their spend. The flip side is everything is now data driven and can be refined. While the subjective still exists, it’s largely overruled by objective measure.

At Viaweb, our entire website was designed to funnel visitors to take a free test drive of the software. It was our primary source of leads and was a seven page process (this was 1997!). Looking at the traffic logs, we could see a big abandonment rate on page five. The CEO acted on the data and wrote a little note on the page, “Don’t worry, you’re almost done!”

This one sentence addition to the page increased completed signups by 40%.

The lesson is clear – collect data, analyze data, act on data. It is your guide in the never ending refinement of your company message.